Helpful and Influential Tweets

I have really enjoyed using Twitter for educational purposes. The tweets that stick out to me are the ones directed towards new teachers. Since I have only just begun my journey of becoming a teacher, I find it helpful to read any tips and suggestions for new teachers. @WeAreTeachers is one of the best accounts I follow, because they have a ton of helpful ideas for all types of teachers.

Just listening to a 2 minute video clip with tips for new teachers opened my mind to a whole trail of ideas. I would recommend all new teachers or student teachers to watch the above video!

Another tweet from @WeAreTeachers about educational platforms for creating online course content. I found this article to be helpful, especially for us #ED554 students who are designing Flipped Classroom lesson plans. It gives a list of different websites and tools to use for designing online course content. Very helpful!

Like I said before, I like to read any advice for new teachers! This article discusses a few Dos and Don’t for early teachers and I found a lot of them very helpful. I enjoyed reading tips in this type of format because it’s easy to refer back to it and think about each one carefully.

I hope you all are finding Twitter to be as helpful as this future teacher is!


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