Clash Over Tech in the Classroom


After reading a MindShift article titled “Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology” I was left with the feeling once again that cell phones do not need to be used in the classroom. Although the article tried to get reasons¬†why¬†phones should be used, I was not convinced. This article related to my previous post about the Speak Up report, and confirmed my thoughts and feelings about the issue at hand.

The article claims that students are using Facebook for educational purposes like collaborating on school projects. That is great! But why do students need to collaborate over Facebook while they are literally in the same building as their collaborators? Facebook and other social media sites are great supplement tools where students can continue their collaborating outside of the school walls.

Will students use cell phones for educational purposes?



Or will they become a distraction?

Also, why do students need their phones to access Facebook? Most schools have computers, laptops, and tablets for the students to use. I do think that teachers should have control over what sites they block in their classes. That way, if a teacher assigns a project that somehow requires the use of Facebook or Twitter, then the students can access these websites and be monitored.

I still believe that students are claiming they would use their cell phones for educational purposes, but in reality, they are going to be texting and browsing social media while their teachers are trying to teach them. Perhaps teachers could have control over when their students are allowed to use their phones, rather than it becoming a school wide policy.

I do think technology is important for students to use and I will embrace this revolution! However, I think there is a time and a place for cell phone use and in my opinion, that decision should be left to the classroom teacher.